MW2 RSE Credits:

Current developers:

 - apdonato

Developers of the mod:

 - tinkie101 (ported PeZBOT code, initial framework)
 - apdonato (added and rewrote 99% of existing code, research and development, waypoints)
 - INeedGames (research and development, waypoints)
 - Jakes625 (bot menu design)
 - E7ite (helped porting RSE to the PS3)

Other contributors:

 - CraigChrist8239
 - noLife
 - Darkfirebird
 - GuysUnderMeSuck
 - P. Ness
 - WhYNoT
 - K Bizzle
 - The-Unkn0wn
 - c0r3
 - jag272
 - Gamma92
 - ABiliTy
 - cgallagher21
 - Rendflex
 - Yamato
 - alencore

Special thanks:

 - The RELOADED team (for cracking the singleplayer)
 - The PeZBOT team (for using some code assets as a foundation in making RSE)
 - The alterIWnet team (for cracking the multiplayer)
 - Baby Carlos (for the alterIWnet LAN Server Emulator)
 - OwenMalz (for providing some tools)
 - The entire RSE community! You guys have helped make this possible!

...and anyone else I might have forgot to mention!


Black Ops Combat Training Patch Credits:

Creator of the patch and package:

- apdonato

Special thanks:

- Die_Rache (for creating an offline multiplayer client for black ops)
- AnimaMundi69 (for sharing the modding tools)
- master131 (for his ff extractor program)
- Hajas (for using some code from the black frontlines mod)
- WCP75 (for compiling the patch with menu files)


Would you like to become part of the RSE development team?

You may send a private message to "macporterjoe" ( or "apdonato" (

I am looking for experienced coders, modders, or hackers to assist in development.
Help us bring you a better mod!



  1. It is only a recommendation, so please be taken as such! Whole project is great! But I noticed that some buts moves unnatural and sometimes moving through walls or pass directly through the floor and when running does not move limbs. I think it would be working with it, but overall this is excellent! Success and keep up the good work!!

  2. thank all team for this great mod I really forget this game but now I still play it

  3. this is great,but will you guys ever release this for mw3?

    1. i will if i can! we'll just have to see what happens with the mw3 offline client

    2. I agree, this mod for mw3 would be so enjoyable, mw3 online steam has so many hackers and take so long to find a game, this mod will have me playing mw3 for hours on end :P

  4. Hi! Is there any possibility to host your bots on dedicated server? I mean that the bots will be launched on dedic, and start play only if, for example 4 real players are connected...

    P.S. I'm php developer.. And I have some ideas))) Can we collaborate or at least to discuss some of them? And how, if I haven't youtube or MPGH account, and don't want)))

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. It's Bgamer website check it

  7. How to hack level to 70 with all wepaons and perks?

  8. Do you guys have ideas for other games or sticking with popular FPS ?

  9. you guys are making the best patches, it makes life so much easier. Its a joy to play mw2 with friends and bots. congratulations for your skills. much better than tecknogods. hope someday you release something for mw3, that would be epic.

  10. Hey I have a question for you guys

    I was wondering if you would be able to make an offline client for Advanced Warfare (like what you do with MW2) and give it that online ranking experience, play and rank up with bots and earn supply drops?

    I like to play AW but theres no one online to play against and i cant earn anything by playing private match with bots, would you be able to make that sometime???

  11. You are a genius, very thanks, and i hope someday rse for MW3.

  12. Works great I can't thank you guys enough for doing this. But was wondering if you could help me fix one problem. The DLC maps do not show up in the menu, I seen in the patch notes for v28 that the bots are compatible with the maps though. If you could tell me how to fix this problem it would be much appreciated.

  13. Is there ever going to be a RSE Mod Version for Modern Warfare 3 ?

  14. When is the MW3 Version of RSE Coming out ???

  15. can you try to make mw3 bots ? and maybe e7ite can patch it to ps3 too